Over the past five years, we’ve developed our own Bernie Burn Scald/Contact Burn Injury Prevention Initiative.  As a registered nurse, when I present to children at preschools, elementary schools and safety/community events I share with children how our daughter was accidentally burned and how we created Bernie Burn to possibly prevent other children from being burned.  

I explain that although the Bernie Burn character is not real, the DANGER in all the places where Bernie Burn can be seen in the storybook is very real, and Bernie Burn means DANGER.  And we’re hoping that Bernie Burn will help them remember some of the DANGEROUS places around the house to keep them safe.  This seems to be an honest, effective method to get the message across to children, and they’ve been very receptive.  Please see some of the reader/educator comments on our website.

When presenting at community events, sometimes orange and white balloon arches welcome and attract the children to my educational booth.  I have child sized character chairs and coloring tables set up. The children color Bernie Burn Coloring Pages (which reinforces the story concept) while I read them the Bernie Burn storybook. Poster sized Bernie Burn images from our storybook are also displayed on easels have been very effective educational tools. While they color, I continue to educate them and ask if they have any questions about the presentation and Bernie Burn, and answer their questions.  

On occasion, some parents have had to practically carry their children away from the Bernie Burn coloring tables! Bernie Burn has been very well received by children, parents, caregivers, educators, and medical professionals on a national level.

When presenting at schools, children really seem to enjoy the visuals that I bring along with me in a wagon:  Some potentially dangerous household items such as a curling iron, flat iron, coffee pot, pans, candles, lamps, toasters, crock pots, etc.  In addition to the posters of Bernie Burn.

Many children leave the presentations with their very own Bernie Burn Storybook and 6-pack promo. crayons.  To help reinforce the concept and to help them remember some of the dangerous places around the house, we encourage parents to read Bernie Burn with their children frequently.  

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Sarah Cruz, R.N.
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