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Some Comments That We've received:

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Mrs. Cruz,

Thank you so much for coming to speak to the children yesterday. They really enjoyed your visit and understood your message. Your book is fantastic!
We would definitely like to have you speak to the children next year during fire prevention week, if you'd be interested.

P. Machado & K. Landry
St. Cecilia School

Dear Sarah,

We want to thank you again for coming in to share your story and visuals with the children. They are still talking about 'Bernie Burn' and if we cook or talk about anthing hot - they remind themselves about him. You definitely made an impression - a positive one!! We wish you all the best!


The staff and children of North Foster Daycare (RI)

Dear Sarah,

Thank you so much for visiting our Center and teaching us about burns. We enjoyed listening to your stories about "Bernie Burn" and will read our books often with our families to remind us to stay safe.

Thanks again,

The children from Buttons & Bows - North Kingstown, RI

Thank you, Sarah, for coming out to London Bridge. The children enjoyed the book and information - they were quite attentive! Best of luck promoting it.

London Bridge Child Care Center - East Greenwich, RI

“This was wonderful,” said Cathy Costantino, owner of Friends House. “the children are always really interested in this kind of information and they like to pass it around.” Costantino said she was certain the children would spread the word about Bernie Burn to parents and other children at home.

Friends House Preschool
Warwick, RI
Source: Warwick Beacon, Reporter: Kelly Smith, April 29, 2004

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