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Some Educator Comments That We've received:

Dear Sarah, Thank you so kindly for visiting my class and sharing your story.  I truly appreciate your very important topic.  You have educated many people today-You are a true advocate for your cause!  The best to you and your family.  Keep up the good work.   With appreciation and gratitude.  

Thank you for all of your hard work!  The children in my class loved the book.  Bernie Burn was a hit.   Thanks again.

Sarah, thank you so much for talking to our class.  I shared your book with our 3-year-old class, and gave our director your card for next year’s fire safety week.  Thanks.

Thanks so much!  Your story and generosity have made me re-think my home safety with my toddler!

Sarah, Thank you for sharing your experience with us.  My preschool class loved Bernie Burn.  They couldn’t stop talking about him.  I can’t tell you how many Bernie Burn coloring pictures we now have hanging up. Thanks again.
Barbara Rosa

Thanks Sarah!, my 4-year-old class really loved your book.
Cindy Anderson

Thank you for such useful information and for presenting it in such a creative way.  I really liked your book! Very creative!
Jennie DeLuca

Your presentation was great and very helpful. Hope more children will benefit from your efforts.
Yaozhu Pan

Sarah, what a wonderful and informative presentation.  Thank you.
Laura Wiggin

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