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Every once in a while it's nice to know…

The following is an email that we received

"Hello, Just wanted to tell you that my daughter who is turning 4 this next
month was given a Bernie Burn book about a year ago. She has taken to this
book like no other and tells EVERYONE don't touch bernie burn he's not cool
he's hot ( but in the correct wording) and we all laugh but all I have to
say is Bernie Burn is in the Kitchen Evie don't come in and she will listen
and tell eveyone one else at the house as well. I only can hope that my
other daughter who will be one will be as receptive!
I am sorry that your baby 'Rae' was burned but thank you for making it into
something that will help my family.

Thank you!

(July 2006)

Bernie Burn is a comprehensive educational storybook for children and their caregivers.  At the end it includes safety measures, a first aid guide, resources for caregivers, and perforated coloring pages that reinforce the story concept for children - and they really love the coloring pages!

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